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Maxlight Select

We present to you a fragment of our offer, of which we are particularly proud. Maxlight Select is another milestone on the path we started 15 years ago. When the Maxlight brand was created, our own design department was our distant dream.

Today, our own projects are our greatest pride.

The models included are unconventional and their design is the result of many searches and trials, learning from our own mistakes and successes. They combine great knowledge of lighting art and excellent quality, seasoned with a pinch of creative madness.

The people behind Maxlight Select

Katarzyna Kurleto

Meet Katarzyna Kurleto – founder and creator of the Maxlight brand with many years of experience in the lighting industry. Kataryna is a perfectionist, so every project coming out from under her hand is perfectly polished, with attention to even the smallest detail.

In her own words: „I take inspiration from travel, from the surrounding nature, from beautiful, breathtaking views, as well as the latest trends.”

Katarzyna’s designs are united by her love for minimalism, expressive form and bold elegance.

Dawid Latek

Dawid Latek is an interior architect, graphic designer, and product designer. He shaped his creativity at the Krakow Academy of Fine Arts. A devotee of sports and good food, a hobbyist painter. 

He is inspired by nature, geometry, and color itself. He carefully approaches his projects, carefully working out every detail, even the smallest one. In collaboration with Katarzyna Kurleto, the creator of the Maxlight brand, he has designed original collections of lighting fixtures.

The designs created by Dawid are unrestrained fantasy combined with perfect proportions and solid workmanship.

Maxlight Select catalogue

Introducing our premium class lamps, where elegance and sophistication meet design excellence.


In this presentation, we invite you to explore a world of illumination that goes beyond functionality. Our premium lamps are meticulously crafted to not only light up your space but also to add a touch of luxury and style to your surroundings. 
Each lamp in this collection is a statement piece, combining exquisite craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology. Immerse yourself in a realm of premium lighting solutions that will transform your living spaces into showcases of refinement and beauty.

Welcome to the world of premium illumination.


The large, extravagant and dynamic Charme luminaire is a proposition for high interiors and staircases with soul. Its form attracts attention: the shape of a ribbon caught in flight, covered with ingots of faceted crystal glass. The glass shines delightfully even when the lamp is not turned on. 

The dynamic shape breaks symmetry and introduces an element of surprise to both classic, palace and minimalist interiors.


No one who likes modern, minimalist forms will pass by the lamps from the Lausanne series indifferently. Their intriguing, geometric design attracts and surprises. The LED panel, hidden under a milky cover, provides pleasant, soft lighting.

The collection includes a hanging lamp, a floor lamp and a table lamp.


The minimalist Geometric lamp is a perfect choice for every lover of good design. The three narrow, rectangular frames are not connected, but interpenetrate each other. Thanks to this, despite its impressive size, the composition creates an impression of lightness and does not overwhelm the space. The lighting arrangement can be complemented with a matching wall lamp.

The Geometric fixture was appreciated in the Dobry Design 2019 competition, where a jury of 150 interior designers and architects awarded it a distinction in the “Living room space” category.


Stylish, captivating with elegance, Vogue lamps are a unique decoration of lavishly decorated interiors. Cascades of crystal glass bars and shiny cylinders sparkle delightfully, even when the fixture is turned off.

The faceted glass provides pleasantly diffused light and casts delicate reflections. The collection includes two chandeliers and a wall lamp.


The Luxury hanging lamp, with a minimalist form but an uncompromisingly rich finish, is an extraordinary interior decoration. Simple and geometric, yet eye-catching, it will add chic and elegance to the room.

The Luxury lamp is available in three sizes that can create an intriguing arrangement both alone or in a group. All models in the collection are equipped with dimmers.


Olivia is a family of lamps that will create an atmospheric space in any apartment. The largest lamp model consists of five ellipse-shaped rims that are interwoven with each other. Olivia provides a large amount of pleasantly diffused light. Its classically elegant design makes it an excellent choice for both a private home and a business space.

Models with three or single rings, as well as a wall lamp and a table lamp are also available. All models in the collection are equipped with dimmers.


The Lotus series was created out of dissatisfaction. After seeing dozens of arrangements of my Trio luminaire, I came to the conclusion that refined minimalism should also have a more spectacular, less austere version. This is how shiny, golden arches were created, which can be arranged into any composition.

Geometric order, elegant cascade or softness of irregularly spaced waves – I leave the choice to you. The arrangement is easy to expand by using a larger arch accompanied by three smaller ones, and complement it with a wall lamp.


When creating Trio, I wanted a simple and minimalist setting that would provide endless arrangement possibilities. The cover made of milky acrylic glass is slightly rounded, thanks to which it fits perfectly into the metal frame and gives the lamp a fresh, modern look.

The Trio can take an ascetic form or become a dynamic, asymmetric, or even predatory composition. This is one of my first projects, a universal lamp like the “little black dress”. All models are equipped with dimmers.


This is a hanging lamp that will become the star of your living room. Its form is inspired by dance movement, in a spiral or circle. The dynamic shape brings to mind the elegance and grace of a couple dancing a waltz. The gold finish makes the whole thing look luxurious.

The lamp is distinguished by attention to the smallest details and high-quality materials – stainless steel and acrylic glass. The luminaire is equipped with a dimmer for even better comfort of use.


I knew from the beginning that Stardust would be beautiful, stylish and modern. This openwork form, light and irregular, is inspired by the wonderful imperfection of nature.

The lamp is made of a network of miniature cubes, connected together in the shape of a cloud floating in the air. It is filled with tiny light points that give the lamp the appearance of a nebula floating in space. Stardust is one of those forms where the space enclosed in the interior plays the main role.


Enigma comes from Greek and means secret. I based the collection’s design on the impression of mystery. It consists of hanging fixtures, a desk lamp and a wall lamp. The simple steel structure was bent into an arched shape. Its culmination is a luminous ball that introduces a mysterious, magical atmosphere. It brings to mind the world of magic and magic wands.

The fixtures are available in four finishes: classic black, brushed gold, and limited series in shades of brick and sage.


I was inspired to create the Palloncini lamp by Cappadocia and hot air balloon flights. The opava consists of several glass bubbles. Ribbed glass in several shades resembles a balloon in shape. I designed the double-sided spotlight with the appropriate distance from the glass form, which resulted in an interesting play of light.

The vertical form, subtle reflections on the glass and the warm color of light create an impression of lightness in the interior.


Cobra is a wall lamp whose shape resembles this characteristic snake. The arched hood is an openwork form that extends over a movable light point. The cylinder with light sources can be tilted, which allows you to play with chiaroscuro by changing the angle of incidence of light. This function also allows you to adjust the visual effect to your needs and taste.

The lamp is finished in gold on the inside and black on the outside, which further emphasizes its unusual form.


Moonstone is a series based on natural materials that combine to create a simple, timeless, geometric form. When designing, I decided to use the characteristic features of noble raw materials.

Moonstone is solidity – a heavy and hard cylinder made of veined marble and the lightness of a transparent, shiny glass ellipsoid. Together they create a surprising contrast. Two types of stone are available: black and white, as well as two types of glass: smoked and amber.

Trio Arc

Trio Arc is a sister series of the iconic Trio luminaire, designed by Katarzyna Kurleto. The new version is a combination of a proven model that can be freely arranged and observations of trends from European lighting fairs. Trio is the geometry of straight lines – Trio Arc was drawn on the basis of a circle.

This ideal figure is, on the one hand, perfection, and on the other hand, soft curves and a sense of dynamics. The lamp elements can be arranged in any arrangement relative to each other and give it a unique form that fully matches the interior.

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