SKU: P0389

Maxlight Zoe P0389 Lampa Wisząca Złota

The luminaire features a singularly enchanting design with its spherical glass shade. Crafted from transparent glass embellished with delicate bubbles, the rounded lampshade exudes a timeless allure. The play of light through the orb creates a gentle and inviting ambiance, casting a warm glow that subtly illuminates its surroundings. This elegant and modern fixture effortlessly marries functionality with aesthetics, serving as a sophisticated centerpiece in any space.

Power: 1 x 1,5W,  105 LM
Ø: 9,5 cm, H: max 180 cm, Ø shade: 9,5 cm
Material: stainless steel, clear bubble glass
Detail finishing: gold
LED included 3000K

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