SKU: P0427D

Maxlight Ritz P0427D Lampa Wisząca

Power: 100 W LED 230V, 8600 LM, CRI 90, 3000K

W: 60 cm, D: 60 cm, H: max 300 cm, Ø: 60 cm, h: 180 cm
Detail finishing: gold
Material: stainless steel, acrylic
Triac dimmable LED + driver included
Wall dimmer not included

This is a hanging lamp that will become the star of your living room. Its form is inspired by dance movement, in a spiral or circle. The dynamic shape brings to mind the elegance and grace of a couple dancing a waltz. The gold finish makes the whole thing look luxurious.

The lamp is distinguished by attention to the smallest details and high-quality materials – stainless steel and acrylic glass. The luminaire is equipped with a dimmer for even better comfort of use.

Number of Lumens8600
Height300 cm
Width60 cm
The color of light3000 K
Dominant materialMetal
Maximum power of a single light source:100 W

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